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16 March 2014

My green native place!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
Beautiful place, green almost all the time...
 God blessed letting me living here! Thank you!!

15 March 2014

Native place, Cugir, Transilvania, Romania

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
                                                       My home  town gets improvements day-by-day...

09 February 2014

My town

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
We're expecting spring, even it is early February. Feeling happy!

07 December 2013

Let's start the winter holidays!

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

                                                            My town's Christmas tree is light on!
                                                           People came to listen to Christmas carols and to see the tree!
                                                                       Enjoy everybody!

13 November 2013

Fall time...

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
                                                                                   Daily fall time walk...

26 October 2013

October day walking

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

 In a Sunday beautiful morning, My husband and I, have a walking in my native small town. Just have a look to the colors and beautiful places I've found!

 Berries leaves...(natural ones)

Way to the Catholic Church


Catholic Church yard

Very old and preserved fir-tree

02 September 2013

Funny cherry tree...

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

Today, on my way on places I've never walked  in my outside town's area, I discovered this funny cherry-tree on the road side...Funny, isn't it?

04 August 2013


Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

                                                     Daily, I have a walk in the neighborhood, looking around and and have fun...But nowadays, it is so hot, that I decided to go outside only after nine o'clock in the evening.
I enjoyed every minute of my steps...

24 June 2013

Street in the town...

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

Even it is an unpaved road, it is full of flowers...

21 April 2013

Spring time in my town

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

                                                   Finally, spring sprang in my town, too! Trees are in blossom, all kind of colors. It is a delight for eyes and soul!!!

19 February 2013

Olive tree on the river side

Cugir river is going aside by my native town, with the same name. Because, sometimes the river is really "angry" in springs, there re some protective walls.
Here, the olive tree is going down...I enjoy walking along the river in summer time...

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

01 February 2013

Orb-pure energy

It had happened in Cugir, in 2012...
One summer day, in the morning, I had taken my camera, and started to have my usual daily walk.
When I had to go through a passing by way, was my first shot. I had no idea about what I will discover at home, when I posted  the photos. A huge orb, pure natural energy , was just hanging in the air. At the end of the passing way, it is a river, and a small bridge is just a few meters lower. The orb was staying above the river, about 6 meters higher. I couldn't see it. Only on my computer, when I analised the photos, I discovered the wonder.
Hope it is interesting subject!
Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

28 January 2013

Easter tradition(notice)

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
My resolution for 2013 is to show pictures of my home place and from Romania! I love my country, so, I really want sharing photos about it!
Hope you'll enjoy them and find out interesting new places!

It is a tradition from our ancestors, in my home town, Cugir, Romania, to gather to the Orthodox Church,on Easter, all the citizen who are 60 years old. They, men and women, had to prepare the Easter wine and bread for the community. It is also an opportunity to be together for a religious event and to wear old clothes, made of soft white blouse, sewed
by hand, black vests, and front and back sides of something like aprons, made of  black wool. 
Men have got thin white long shirts, tied on a leather belt. That belt is big enough to put inside money, like a wallet, and other useful things. On their feet, men and women wear "opinci", a pair of rubber shoes and wool , long socks. "Pastenii" , because this is their name, enjoy seeing each other and celebrate  Easter.
Every year it is the same tradition, but different people from the community!

26 December 2011


Welcome to my world. Enjoy!
One of my favorite place, where my soul is full of harmony and peace...
God bless us!

18 July 2011

Moss on the old wall

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

Walking along my native places, I have found out this part of the oldest wall in my town...It is covered by mos, but this rock, in the wall attracted my eyes... It seemed to me that "somebody" is just watching me...


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